/ɒf / (say of)

1. away from a position occupied, or from contact, connection, or attachment: to take off one's hat; the handle has come off.
2. to or at a distance from, or away from, a place: to run off.
3. away or out of association or relation: to cast off.
4. deviating, especially from what is normal or regular.
5. as a deduction: 10 per cent off on all cash purchases.
6. away; distant (in future time): summer is only a week off.
7. out of operation or effective existence; disconnected.
8. so as to interrupt continuity or cause discontinuance: to break off negotiations.
9. away from employment or service: we have four days off at Easter.
10. so as to exhaust, finish, or complete; completely: to kill off vermin.
11. forthwith or immediately: right off.
12. with prompt or ready performance: to dash off a letter.
13. to fulfilment, or into execution or effect: the contest came off on the day fixed.
14. so as to cause or undergo reduction or diminution: to wear off.
15. on one's way or journey, as from a place: to see a friend off on a journey.
16. Nautical away from the land, a ship, the wind, etc.
17. away from; so as no longer to be or rest on: to fall off a horse.
18. deviating from (something normal or usual): off one's balance.
19. not up to the usual standard of: off his game.
20. from by subtraction or deduction: 25 per cent off the marked price.
21. away or disengaged from (duty, work, etc.).
22. Colloquial refraining from (some food, activity, etc.): to be off gambling.
23. distant from: a waterhole a fair way off the track.
24. leading out of: an alley off the main street.
25. Colloquial from (indicating source): I bought it off him.
26. from (indicating material): to make a meal off fish.
27. Nautical to seaward of.
28. wide of the truth or fact; in error: you are off on that point.
29. no longer in effect or operation: the agreement is off.
30. (of time) on which work is suspended: pastime for one's off hours.
31. not so good or satisfactory as usual: an off year for apples; an off day.
32. off-colour; unwell.
33. below the normal or expected standard; inferior.
34. in bad taste; deviating from normal or accepted behaviour.
35. (of food) tainted.
36. of less than the ordinary activity, liveliness, or lively interest: an off season in the woollen trade.
37. (with reference to animals or vehicles) right (opposed to near or left): *We could see Price's teams stopped, half a mile away; one of the loads appearing low, and canted over to the off side; bogged, evidently. –joseph furphy, 1903.
38. Nautical farther from the shore.
39. Cricket relating to the off side.
40. Also, off tap. Prison Colloquial convicted.
41. (of items in a menu) not available.
42. Theatre off stage: I sacked my dresser as soon as I was off.
43. as to condition, circumstances, supplies, etc.: better off.
44. the state or fact of being off.
45. Cricket the off side.
verb (t)
46. Colloquial to kill.
47. (an exclamation urging someone to distance themselves or go away.)
48. be off, to depart; leave.
49. off and on,
a. Also, on and off. intermittently: to work off and on.
b. Nautical on alternate tacks.
50. off like a bucket of prawns (in the midday sun), Colloquial extremely rotten; stinking.
51. off one's food, not hungry, usually because of illness.
52. off the air, Colloquial crazy; insane.
53. off the wall, Colloquial eccentric in an amusing way; irrational. {Phrase Origin: from sports such as squash where a ball can bounce off a wall at an unpredictable angle}
54. off with …, (an exclamation calling for the removal of something specified): off with his head!
{Middle English of, offe, Old English of away, off. Originally a variant of of1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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